Are you the owner of a growing business, startup, or enterprise with an exciting story to tell, but you can’t find the time to sit down and write it, or don’t have a literary background?

Are you outgoing and well-spoken, but struggle with the written word?

Maybe it’s time to hire a ghostwriter.

What’s that, you ask? Someone who hangs around your desk while you’re trying to work? Or who stands you up on a date?

Not exactly.

A ghostwriter is someone who writes your story for you. When it’s finished, it will be published under your name. You’ll own the copyright and have the choice to modify or republish the work if you choose. The difference is you’ll have hired them to do the work for you.

If this type of service sounds old-fashioned, it’s actually been going on for centuries. Famous, affluent, and influential figures throughout history have hired ghostwriters to record their canons and biographies, from Queen Elizabeth, who commissioned William Shakespeare to write Macbeth and other famous plays during the Renaissance Period in England, to Enheduanna, Akkadian priestess and the world’s first author known by name, who dictated the psalms and hymns of the Mesopotamian Gods to a scribe in the comfort of her room.

Ghostwriting has gained popularity in contemporary times, spurring novels, a popular children’s mystery TV show, and autobiographies for celebrities and political figures including Justin Bieber, Charlie Chaplin, Hillary Clinton, Harry Houdini, Michael Jordan, and John F. Kennedy.

This old-fashioned literary trade is every bit as relevant today.

As my client, you’ll be able to select from any of the following services:

  • Heavy editing of your rough draft, with rewriting or expanding when necessary
  • Writing a post for your blog or website
  • Compiling short blog posts for your website or business platform
  • Transcribing your rough notes into edited, polished copy
  • Transcribing your notes or dictations into a chapter book, novel, or other literary document

If you’re interested but want a little more clarity about what this type of work entails and what it might mean for your current project, please click on the Contact button above and hit me up for some more details about what’s involved.

Image courtesy of Norman Ball.

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