There’s more to a good story than zero typos. You want your characters to be memorable and engage in compelling dialogue. Most professional writers strive to avoid the passive voice whenever possible, and the more vivid their language, the better. Choosing the right subject and varying sentence structure is key to making writing more interesting.

Still, how do you know when you’re finished editing and ready to publish?

The Sentence Shop will help you through all the phases of your writing, from prewriting to the first draft up through revising, modifying your ideas, applying proper grammar usage, mechanics, and more.

Or maybe you want some guidelines or advice on proper syntax, semantics, transitional phrases, figurative language, and all the nuts and bolts that, when fine-tuned, can mean the difference between writing that’s good and writing that’s excellent.


This is where to go for all your all proofreading and copy editing procedures, including errors in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization. By signing up for my editing services, you’ll receive:

  • Line-by-line editing on a novel or short story collection of up to 50,000 words at a rate of $20 per hour
  • Advice and corrections on typographical errors, sentence spacing, punctuation, verb tense agreement, perspective and point-of-view shift
  • Editing tips on proper syntax, semantics, and word choice. We’ll walk through the process of building word structure skills.
  • Formatting of table of contents, chapters, paragraphs, page numbering, headers and footers, and quality and consistency of the manuscript


My micro and macro edits package combines the copy editing services listed above with a more granular scope of editing to your first, second, or third drafts or prewriting document. This is where I read between the lines to ensure I’m giving you thorough feedback on your story and how the individual parts hold together vis-a-vis the piece itself overall.


$20 per hour, which may vary depending on the number of pages in your manuscript or level of editorial work that needs to be done

I’ll give you an estimated turnaround time after you’ve submitted your story and I’ve had a chance to review it (edits can usually be made between 24 and 48 hours–usually the same day).

Transactions are done via PayPal once services are rendered and completed.


Since you may be new to this online editing business, send me an email letting me know you’re interested and I’ll be happy to offer you one complimentary editing session in which I proof the first five pages of your work for free.

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